Haifa Arts Foundation supports the international film festival in Haifa since its first day. The Foundation awards the prize for the first place winner in the Israeli Feature Film Competition, and in recent years provided additional grants in other categories of Israeli films.

Outside the Festival, the Foundation supported—by way of grants—short feature and documentary films of Haifa moviemakers, as well as movies whose plot takes place in Haifa or filmed in Haifa.

Grants 2020

Short feature films whose plot takes place in Haifa:

"Double Vodka Square" Directors: Orly Barazani and Jalal Ayoub

פעמיים וודקה בריבוע

The film captures the spirit of the night life of Haifa and the essence of the downtown and presents a gallery of types that represent the unique human texture of the city."

"Whose Child Is This" 
Screenplay and Direction: Rotem Gabay

Maya (38) and her partner Renana brought Shi-Li into this world together, but Renana was the one who carried her in her womb. After six years of raising Shi-Li together, Maya and Renana decide to divorce. 

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Haifa International Film Festival

haifa film frstival

Haifa Arts Foundation supports the Festival since the beginning. The Foundation has helped various projects and productions. Later on, in an effort to encourage production of short films that deal with Haifa, in order to assist in documenting the life and history of the city, the Foundation distributed grants for screenplays and short, feature and documentary films, at the final stages of production, created by Haifa residents and/or taking place in the city. The Foundation also awarded prizes to Young Cinema films that competed during the Festival. In recent years, the Foundation gives the prize to first place winners in the Israeli Feature Film category. Haifa International Film Festival is held annually on Chol Hamoed Sukkot.

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Festival. Grant for Documentaries Filmed in Haifa


"Women in Sink"

Director: Iris Zaki


Since its premiere in 2015, Women in Sink—produced with the support of Haifa Arts Foundation and Other Israel—was shown in over 100 festivals around the world, sold to TV Channels, and won thirteen international prizes, including Best Short Documentary, HIFF 2015.

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Grant for Movies Filmed in Haifa

קולנוע מענק לסרטים המצולמים בחיפה נדרים "Vows"

In June 2015, Haifa Arts Foundation approved a grant for Tal Miller to produce his film debut, Vows. 

The script tells the story of a man who comes home with the intention of informing his wife that he wants to leave her, only to find himself at a surprise party for their silver wedding, organized by his family.

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Special Grants

Underwater Photographer of the Year Award 

film festival2018 1

First prize at the Underwater Photographer of the Year was awarded to Itzik Yogev, in a ceremony that took place on 29.9.18.

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