Grant 2020

Short feature film - Whose Child Is This

Is the award-winning film for the short feature film for 2020

Screenplay and Direction: Rotem Gabay

Maya (38) and her partner Renana brought Shi-Li into this world together, but Renana was the one who carried her in her womb. After six years of raising Shi-Li together, Maya and Renana decide to divorce. 

At the end of the custody battle and due to the lack of a regulated custody laws for same-sex couples, Maya loses her child custody rights. 

The film opens at the moment of losing in court. That is when Maya realizes that if she does not do something extreme, she will lose her daughter.

On the same day, Maya appears at Shi-Li's kindergarten and takes her on a "Girls Day Out".  When Renana finds out her daughter's gone, she accuses Maya of kidnapping. 

Maya doesn't understand the severity of the act, it's her daughter, but the police car that starts chasing her makes her take Renana's threats seriously and Maya finds herself on the run.

The "Girls Day Out" takes place in Haifa; while still on the run, Maya turns to her mythical ex Daniel, a man who loved her and wanted to start a family with her. 

Nowadays he is married and has a girl of his own, but he cannot hide the passion that still bubbles within him.

He tries to get close to Maya.  He tries to get her to do the right thing. Not getting the supported she hoped he would give her, Maya leaves his house at her wits' end.

The climax takes place in a beachfront amusement park in Haifa's Bat Galim neighborhood. While Maya confronts Renana over the phone, Shi-Li suddenly disappears. 

Maya finds her on the shore, where they spend their last moments together.


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