Grant for Feature Films Shot in Haifa


Director: Tal Miller



"Secure Space"

Director: Oren Gvili



Director: Einat Erez  



Director: Eyal Shirai

be karov

A boy runs away from his parents' home in the village, to his sister who lives in the big city, after discovering their father, because of a relationship she had with an Arab man, expelled her from their home. In the big city, the boy meets an old lonesome communist, who lives the Spanish Civil War. The two retreat to an abandoned building in the heart of Tel-Aviv where the old man grows Marijuana commercially and they conduct the last justified war against the police and the army forces surrounding the house.

Screenplay: Uzi Vile, Starring: Assi Dayan, Tinkerbell, Adam Hirsch.    





knafaim"Broken Wings"

Director: Nir Bergman

Nir Bergman's first full-length feature film is an exciting realistic drama centered on five wounded souls trying to mend the hole left by the father's death. The search of each of the protagonists after their connections with each other and after new paths is detailed through the small dramatic and almost daily struggles that the characters work within; the end of the summer vacation and return to school, kindergarten and high school. Each family member goes off to a day of excitement, and following them we discover the stories that are woven together, gradually accumulate to create an optimistic work about the power of the family and the its power to heal one's heart's pains.

Banner design: Michal Sahar

Director and screenplay: Nir Bergman. Production: Assaf Amir, Yoav Roeh. Editor: Einat Glaser-Zarhin. Script Editor: Renen Schorr. Cinematography: Valentin Belonogov. Music: Avi Belleli. Art Direction: Ido Dolev.

Cast: Orly Silbersatz Banai, Maya Maron, Nitai Gvirtz, Vladimir Friedman, Dana Ivgy, Danny Niv (Mooki), Daniel Magon, Eliana Magon.

Festivals & Awards

Haifa Arts Foundation Prize 2002, first prize; Wolgin Competition at the Jerusalem Film Festival; first prize at the Tokyo Film Festival; nine Ophir awards in different categories at the Academy Awards ceremony; Audience Award at the Berlin Film Festival.

In 2003, the film participated in the following international festivals: Palm Springs, Vancouver, Karlovy Vary, Chicago, Sydney, Melbourne, Toronto, Paris, Brisbane and many others.



tmuna kvuzatit0"A Group Portrait with a Woman"

Director: Yitzhak Rubin

A woman returns to Israel many years after being forced by tragic circumstances to put her only daughter—fathered by a Muslim Bedouin man—up for adoption, to search for her lost child. She soon finds herself along with her director friend in an unusual cinematic creation of her life, a voyage that covers three decades and a number of countries and encompasses oblivion, survival and loss. Her loves, her escapes, and the men in her life all serve as an echo to that one fateful act. In an unusual manner, the heroine finds herself facing a re-examination of her life, as if in a Greek chorus.

Director & Producer: Itzhak Rubin. Production Company: Teknews (Media), Cinematographer: Benny Shoklander, Editors: Itzhak Rubin, Victor Turkia, Original Soundtrack: Doron Orsiano, Avner Gavrieli, Supporters: The New Fund for Cinema and Television, The Cinema Project, IBA.

Cast: Michal Yanai, Natur Halifa, Sharon Alexander, Rozina Cambos, Alex Monte, Lupo Berkowitz, Tracy Abramovich. 

tmuna kvuzatit



"Vulcan Junction"
Director: Eran Riklis

zomet vulkan

The story tells of nine days in the lives of a group of youngsters from the Krayot area, north of Haifa. At the center of the narrative—that takes place in the days before Yom Kippur War—is a rock band by the name of Genetic Code. The band members are guitarist and vocalist Micha Shelly, keyboardist Danny, bassist Igal and drummer Eli. They are trying to get a contract to record the first album and dream of Tel Aviv. Only that Shelly gets a secret offer to start a solo career; if he accepts it, he will be relinquishing his membership in the band, and the shared dream. Other characters are Dahlia, a charismatic girl who wants to be a journalist and aspires to write for HaOlam HaZe. There is a romantic tension between Dahlia and Micha throughout the film, and in addition, she is involved with Elbaz, a brilliant footballer and friend of Shelly's, who is sought after eagerly by AJAX, but in the meantime suffers from disciplinary problems. Through the microcosm of a group of ambitious youngsters, the film examines the bubble of innocence Israel was in at the period prior October '73, a bubble that burst with the outbreak of the Yom Kippur War.

Director: Eran Riklis, Script: Amir Ben David, Producers: Mosh Danon, Eran Riklis, Director of Photography: Amnon Zlayet, Editor: Neomy Peres-Aviram, Music Production: Haim Romano, Amir Ben Davis, Costume Designer: Inbal Shuki, Production Designer: Yoel Herzberg, Poster Design: Yehudit Scahtz, Poster Photo: Yoel Herzberg.

Cast: Oren Shabo, Sami Huri, Kebede Abonesh, Avi Elias, Avinoam Shechter, Ida Markovitch, Itzik Tuvias, Amir Ben-David, Amnon Zlayet, Anely Harpaz, Gabbie Shushan, Joseph Bee, Johnny Arvid, Gili Shushan, Jack Adalist, Danny Gabay, Danny Shteg, Yehuda Barkan.