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Founders: Haifa Municipality • Ministry of Education and Culture • Senate of the Free City of Breme

Grant for Movies Filmed in Haifa

קולנוע מענק לסרטים המצולמים בחיפה נדרים "Vows"

In June 2015, Haifa Arts Foundation approved a grant for Tal Miller to produce his film debut, Vows. 

The script tells the story of a man who comes home with the intention of informing his wife that he wants to leave her, only to find himself at a surprise party for their silver wedding, organized by his family.

The screenplay was inspired by Tal's family's real life story. In 2011 Tal organized for his parents a silver wedding surprise party. As it turned out, the party was the beginning of their parting journey. Tal adapted what happened at the party and the subsequent period, into a short screenplay filmed in the father's house in Denia.

A film by Haifaite screenwriter, technical staff and 60 actors and extras, all city residents who gathered in Denia neighborhood to make this dream come true.

Director: Tal Zagreba
Producer: Stav Maron
Cast: Dalik Wollinitz, Shiri Golan, Riki Blich and Michael Moshonov


"Retirement Party"

In June 2015, Haifa Arts Foundation awarded Assaf Ehrenreich a grant for producing the documentary Retirement Party.

Screenplay and Directing: Assaf Ehrenreich

Cinematography: Ilan Tyler, Assaf Ehrenreich

Production: Cinemax Productions, Assaf Ehrenreich & Moo Movies

With the support of Yes Docu




מסיבת פרישה

Retirement, after a lifetime of working, can be a turbulent experience in all facets of life – personal, social, familial and influence a person’s health. After her retirement, my mother fell ill.

My father is not willing to accept the fact that his retirement is approaching; he is afraid to lose his place in the world and die along with his wife, while my mother is waiting for the moment he will be by her side and give her the sense of security she so lacks.

My mom understands that in order to rehabilitate their troubled relationship, she has to find a cure for her ailment. A medicine which will maybe restore her body to health and, perhaps most importantly, save the family and the relationship that began to crumble after her retirement.

The delicate threads that make up the family relationship are exposed in a period of adjustment to a new life; a period that forces my parents to try to reinvent themselves as a couple.

A gala screening of the film took place at Krieger Hall on 28.09, during the 2018 Haifa International Film Festival.

Mrs. Rina Ben Natan, a representative of the Senate of the Free City of Bremen at Haifa Arts Foundation, with director Assaf Eherenreich

Additional photographs from the gala screening




עיצוב:יואב יונה


In 2010, Haifa Arts Foundation awarded Assaf Ehrenreich a grant for producing the documentary Blockbuster.

Screenplay and Directing: Sharon Maman

Producer: Assaf Ehrenreich

Cast: Assaf Ehrenreich, Sharon Maman

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