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מיסודם של עיריית חיפה     •    משרד החינוך והתרבות    •   סנט העיר החופשית ברמן
من تأسيس بلدية حيفا           •         وزارة المعارف والثقافة               •            برلمان المدينة الحرة بريمن.
Founders: Haifa Municipality • Ministry of Education and Culture • Senate of the Free City of Breme

Sigma Ensemble

Sigma Ensemble was established under the name HaDance in summer 2007, by Ramot community center in Haifa. The aim of the project was to establish a professional repertory dance troupe in Haifa, which will answer the needs of graduates of the Workshop and train dancers and choreographers, as well as be open for accepting professional dancers wishing to join its ranks.

Rachel Shapira, a dance teacher at the Contemporary Dance Workshop in Haifa, undertook the artistic management. During the first season of 2007-2008, the young troupe of eight female dancers, graduates of the Workshop, created a repertory program called Repetitive Thoughts. 

The program consisted of three dance pieces by choreographers Uri Ivgi – Returning Thoughts; Michael Miller – Entropy; and Michal Mualem and Giannalberto de Filippis – And After All That…   

The group worked in Haifa, going out on tour during the seasons, to start acquainting itself to target audiences. Much work was done, and in April 2008, the ensemble came out with a full show debut: Returning Thoughts, in Suzanne Dellal, Tel Aviv. The reception and reviews were positive, and it remained for the promising ensemble from Haifa to prove its ability to continue.

Returning Thoughts

In August 2008, commissioned by Suzanne Dellal, the ensemble performed the show again as part of Hot Dance event, and began its second working season.

In January 2009, Michael Miller, a young choreographer who graduated from the Dancers and Choreographers Training Workshop in Haifa, took upon himself to lead the ensemble of fine female dancers, Workshop graduates as well, under the name Sigma, and put on the excellent show Speed of Light.

Sigma Ensemble is a fresh significant force in the world of dance, and is home to alumni of the Dancers and Choreographers Training Workshop in Haifa.

Ruth Eshel: Sigma's performance proves that Haifa has a quality dance school, fine dancers, and a young talented choreographer. (18.01.10)



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