Yardena Cohen   Photo: Aliza Shkolnik, from the movie Yardena is 100
Yardena Cohen Photo: Aliza Shkolnik, from the movie Yardena is 100

The Drum and the Sea - a documentary film about Yardena Cohen

Haifa Arts Foundation assisted in producing the documentary The Drum and the Sea, portraying Yardena Cohen – dancer, dance teacher, and recipient of Worthy Citizen of Haifa Award. In the film, Cohen speaks about her life, her sources of inspiration, and her students – the next generation.

The film features dance pieces by Cohen and others, from different periods in her life. (From the collection of the Israeli Film Archive, Jerusalem Cinematheque.)

The film was produced as part of a project documenting Israeli dance artists – the Dance Library of Israel, Israeli Ministry of Science, Culture and Sport, Cultural Administration, Department of Dance.

Among the participants in the film: Tahel Ran – actress, dancer at the Matte Asher Dance Workshop; Yehudit Arnon - Israel Prize Laureate for dance; Rina Yerushalmi – Director, Itim Theater Ensemble; Nassim Nasser Eddin – founder and choreographer, Druze Troupe Daliat El-Carmel and troupe members; Miri Alon – belly dance teacher; Avraham Levy – teacher; Mary Kadosh - assistant to Mrs. Cohen.

Script and Director: Gili Shanit, Producer: Gal Roeh, Photography: Nimrod Shanit, Editing: Shay Davidi.

Duration: 27 minutes. Produced in 2002.