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מיסודם של עיריית חיפה     •    משרד החינוך והתרבות    •   סנט העיר החופשית ברמן
من تأسيس بلدية حيفا           •         وزارة المعارف والثقافة               •            برلمان المدينة الحرة بريمن.
Founders: Haifa Municipality • Ministry of Education and Culture • Senate of the Free City of Breme

Dancing Haifa / Ruti Ashkenazi

Written by Ruti Askenazy, Haifa Dancing was published to celebrate 50 years of dance troupes in Haifa. The book presents a historical overview of dance and folklore activities in Haifa, which for generations has been the national center of Israeli folk dance. 

Graphic design and artwork: Yuval Einav. Production: Ahva Publishers. Help in linguistic editing: Michal Bella Yahalom and Tammy Winter. Photographs donated by: Zvi Roger, Keren Or, Oscar Tauber, Photo Asia.

The book discusses the following topics:

  • The Story of Folk Dances 
  • Public Dancing
  • Holiday Tractates
  • The Dance Parades
  • Dance Troupes
  • International Folklore Festivals in Haifa
  • Looking to the Future


" חיפה הרוקדת" / רותי אשכנזי

חיפה הרוקדת  

 Posters of International Folklore Festivals

" חיפה הרוקדת" / רותי אשכנזי


 Costumes of student troupes – the founding generation   

Design: Anatole Gurevich, the early 1960s 

" חיפה הרוקדת" / רותי אשכנזי

FaLang translation system by Faboba