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Founders: Haifa Municipality • Ministry of Education and Culture • Senate of the Free City of Breme

Guidelines for Creative Awards for Literature granted by Haifa Arts Foundation, 2021

Haifa Arts Foundation in cooperation with the Association of Hebrew Writers in Israel, Haifa Branch, Announces the following grants:

 kol kore 2021milagot

A. Book Publishing Grant

Grants amounts:

First grant - 13,000 ₪

Second grant - 10,000 ₪

Third grant - 9,000 ₪

Fourth grant - 8,000 ₪

* The amounts of the grants are in accordance with the considerations of a professional committee composed of representatives of the Foundation and the Writers' Association, who will discuss each request only after all applications have been bought before it..

* The Foundation's management has the right to add grants or split them.

The purpose of the grants:

Encouraging writers living in Haifa to publish their works.

The grants are in the fields of prose, poetry and children's literature.

The grants mean to assist with publishing expenses.



Citizens of Israel, residents of Haifa, who are well-known writers or authors, who have previously published at least one book.


B.   A support grant for a writer who has not yet published a book

Grant amount:

6,000 ₪

Purpose of the grant:

To encourage and publish writers for whom this is the first book in the field of literature. The grant aims to assist in the publication of an original work that shows talent and bears a new statement. The grant is given in the fields of prose or poetry or children's literature.

 The terms of the grant for Sections A, B:

1. The grant will be given to Haifa residents only.

2. The grant will be given for a book that has not yet been published.

3. The conditions for transferring the Foundation's grants to the selected artists:

    3.1 An agreement with the publishing house that states the publication date of the book.

    3.2 Committing to mention the Foundation's assistance inside the book.

    3.3 Handing over four copies of the first edition of the book to the Foundation.

D. General Procedures:

1. The grants will be awarded to works in Hebrew.

2. Number of pages up to 300 (numbered), space 1.5, font 16, bound.

3. If a children's book includes illustrations, inclusion of 3-4 illustrations is compulsory.

4. Writers who have received a grant from the Haifa Arts Foundation in the last four years will not be able to submit their work.

5. It should be made clear that the amount of the grant does not cover the full payment to the publishing house.

6. The contract period with the publishing house is limited to one year.

7. The publishing house's consent to have the book publicized at the Foundation's website—including all the name/s of the artist/s, the name of the publisher, and scans of the covers—must be obtained in advance.

8. Haifa Arts Foundation is entitled to change the terms of the protocol and any detail within it at any time, at its discretion.


E. Submission:

1. Applicants must fill out an application form downloadable from the Haifa Arts Foundation's website.

2. The manuscript must be attached, as well as a request form in three copies.

3. Only an ID number and the name of the work are to be specified, on the first page of the bound manuscript.

A professional advisory committee on behalf of the Haifa Arts Foundation will consider the applications and choose the deserving ones.


Foundations' Address:

Haifa Arts Foundation, 14 Hassan Shukri St., Haifa, City Hall, 2nd floor, room 265.

Applications must be submitted by 16.12.2021.

All manuscripts will be returned to the candidates.


Aviva Spigelstein, General Director



Application form for a work grant in literature

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