Helping Haifa Writers in Publishing their Books

Assistance in publication of literary works was the largest domain of personal scholarships granted by the Foundation. Over the years, Haifa Arts Foundation awarded grants to novelists, writers, poets and playwrights from Haifa, old and young.

The literary quality of the works of prose, poetry, drama and sometimes criticism and research, is the main criterion for receiving the grant. Over the years, additional areas were added, such as works that have to do with Haifa: poetry, prose, documentaries, and various manuscripts (even if the author is not from Haifa); and works about sea and seamanship, awarded by the Israel Maritime League, Moshe Pomrock Fund for Literature and Art. Professionals who recommended those who they found eligible for receiving the scholarship read the works. They also determined the quality level of the work, by which the Foundation management determined the sum of the scholarship.

The judicial committees that named the winners by unanimous decisions, consisted of three alternating renowned figures in the field.

Since 1996, the Foundation operates jointly with the Association of Writers in Haifa; the Foundation deals with the organizational aspect and the rewards, while Association representatives selected and appraised the submitted works.

The Foundation announced the competitions and conditions for participation in it in the newspapers. After receiving the works, and the Advisory Committee's decision, the Foundation decided on the amount of money of the grant, forwarded to the winners only after a contract was signed between the author and a publishing house. The grants helped the authors to get their books published. The Foundation's recognition of the works gave an advantage to authors when negotiating with the publishers. That, plus the grant—in either money or commitment to purchase a large quantity of books—aided the authors greatly in publishing their works.

The authors undertook to specify, on the copyright page of the book, that it was published with the support of the Foundation. As a condition for getting the grant, copies of the books were sent to the Foundation by the authors. The books were then sent to schools and municipal libraries in Haifa.



24 10 2019




Literature Creation Grant 2019

Four writers were granted by the Foundation for their literary works:

  • Elisheva Susel for "Choomi" (Prose)
  • Hannah Sequerra for " Voices From the Silent End" (Poerty)
  • Tali Amit – Kochavi for " There Are Sharks Behind the carousel" (Children literature)
  • Irit Weisman-Minkovitz for " The  Magician of Sleep " (Children literature)