Poetry and Literature Paths - Holiday of Holidays Festival

Haifa Arts Foundation's support for the Holiday of Holydays Festival enabled a total renovation of outdoor posters in Hana Abu Hanna's Poet's Way, and in Sami Michael's Author's Path, Man is the Crown of God's Creation. The renewal included printing, framing and hanging of the posters.

Since its inception, Wadi Nisnas neighborhood was home to a number of intellectuals, artists, writers and poets, who left an intense cultural imprint on the neighborhood, Haifa and Israel.

In 2002, the producers of the Holiday of Holidays Festival initiated a project called The Poem's Path. Three prominent poets and authors, residents of the neighborhood through the ages, were selected for the project:

  • The poet Hanna Abu Hanna
  • Author Emile Habibi
  • Author Sami Michael

A path that includes 15 excerpts of each writer was established in the neighborhood. The works were posted on the walls of local houses throughout the neighborhood.

In parallel, another path was established over the years, with annual selections of works by various Israeli poets and writers, who deal with coexistence in Israel.

In 2016, Beit Hagefen, Haifa Culture Foundation, renovated two permanent trails:

Hanna Abu Hanna Way and Sami Michael Path.

The works appear in three languages – Hebrew, Arabic and English. An appropriate path was selected with the participation of the writers. Future plans include restoration of Emile Habibi Way.

The paths are part of the Museum without Walls in Wadi Nisnas, containing approximately 65 artworks in public space, dealing with the various narratives in Israeli society, the conflict and the challenges of living in the Israeli common space.

hana abu hana