List of Authors A

  Adler, Yehuda

Jesus Christ was Crucified as a Rebel in Rome – Jewish history
Hadar, 1997

 alkobi bamiamin Alkobi, Binyamin

Mid-Life – poems
Illustrations: Tami Kimmel
Yaron Golan, 2003

 amir dana1 Amir, Dana

Now, In this Sweetness – poems
Series edited by Nathan Yonathan
Cover design: Aya Ben-Ron
Sifriat Poalim, Hakibbutz HaArtzi, HaShomer HaTzair

 amir dana2 Amir, Dana

The Life of Achinoam – poems
Editing: Lea Snir
Cover design: Aya Ben-Ron, following a Kitaj painting
Hakibbutz Hameuchad, 2004, Rhytmus poetry series


Amit – Kochavi, Tali,

"There Are Sharks Behind the carousel" Children literature

  Amit, Yael

If there is a Room – poems
Editing: Lea Snir
Cover photo: Yael Amit
Design: Ruhama S.
Vocalization and layout: Gofna

 amiti tamara
Amitai, Tamara

Little Red Riding Hood and Blue Cap – a show not only for children
Golda and the Three Bears – a current legend for adults (rhyming play, partially translated)
Illustrations: Danny Amitai
Production: Pardes publishers, 2003

 ashkenazi ruti Ashkenazi, Ruti

Haifa Dancing - 50 Years of Dance Troupes in Haifa
Cover and graphic design: Yuval Einav
Production: Ahva publishers, 2007

 ashrov rahel Asherov, Rachel

Hewn in Stone – poems
Cover design: Orni Drori
Reshafim Publishers

 ashrov rahel2 Asherov, Rachel

After the Storm – poems
Cover design and production: Orni Drori Studio, Haifa
Photographs: Rachel Asherov

 aviel ilana Aviel, Ilana

Still, Summer – collected poems
Editing: Nathan Yonathan & Avraham Cantor
Design: Rivi Ben-Bashat
Printing: HaDfoos HaHadash
Typeset and Layout: Seder Col, Sifriat Poalim
Hakibbutz Hameuchad, HaShomer HaTzair, 1989