List of Authors L-R


Landau, Benny

The Time Machine – Prose
Am Oved, 1998


Matezky, Rachel

Footprints on the Carmel

 kafkafi izhak

Mitrani, Yitzhak

Suitability Tests – poems, 1989-2000
Cover: Saul Steinberg
Iton 77, 2001


Orlov, Yulia

The Land of Dreams in Search of the Lost Prince
Prose, 2006


Paran, Margo

Once Upon a Time in the Kishon – poems and paintings
Editor: Yaacov Besser
Cover and illustrations: Margo Paran
Design and layout: Michael Besser
Iton 77, 2004

 martony izhak

Pelz-Fuhrer, Zvia

Must Not Mock the Rock – novella and stories
Gvanim, 2005

 susel elisheva

Perlman, Yehonadav

Eighth Graders Ball – story
Reading Child series
Editors: Mira Meir & Edna Kremer
Typeset-photography: Sdar Zalam
Printing: Toprint
Illustrations: Hila Havkin
Sifriat Poalim, Hakibbutz Hameuchad, 2004

 zvi rafael2


Raffaeli, Zvi

A Journey to the Fictional Truth
A Dialog  on cntemporary art. 
Iton 77 2004


 amit yael

Ravid, Dvir

Cover: Maya Mrawicz & Dvir Ravid
Yaron Golan, 2001


Richter, Ruth

The Picture
A biographic story for children and youths
Dani Sfarim


Rosenthal, Hana

Annoying Someone of No Importance – stories
In the picture: photographer Anatoli Michaelo
Photo: Hana Rosenthal
Cover design: Limor Agassi
Even Hoshen