List of Authors S-T


Salman, Herzl

Wonder Wallet / Adventures on the Way to Israel

 Sequerra, Hannah


Sequera, Hannah

"Voices from the silent end"   Poerty
Caver picture: https://pixabay.com  
Cover design: Steimatzky studio
Layout: Anat Nisan
Publisher: Steimatzky – Publishing
Israel 2020

 pishgof andrei Shahaf-Hornung, Ilana

Breaking Cycle – poems
Design: Zehava Teffer
Typeset: ANA Typeset Services
Computerization, vocalizing and proof reading: Passach Milin
Tamuz Omani
 pishgof andrei2  

Shemoelof, Mati

Between Shemoelof and Hazaz – poems
Cover and book design: Inbal Gyno
Yaron Golan, 2006


Shoshani, Zeev

A Drop from the Jug – a biographic story
Ahva, 1999


Susel, Elisheva 

Through the Veil's Transparency – stories
Yaron Golan, 2002

 sussel elisheva

 Horetz -Susel, Elisheva

 "Chumay" Prose
Cover picture: Horetz - Susel  Elisheva
Cover design: Horetz - Susel  Elisheva
Publisher: Steimatzky – Publishing
Israel 2021


Szternfeld, Zvika

Bach's Cantorial Music – poems
Cover: The Punished Fish
Series edited by Nathan Yonathan
Sifriat Poalim
Hakibbutz Haartzi Hashomer Hatzair, 1995


Szternfeld, Zvika  

Loneliness' Temple
Cover: The Punished Fish, Valentin Lustig, 1999
Keshev Poetry series


Szternfeld, Zvika 

Refugees of Time

 keno jack2

Tirosh, Nurit 

Night Bicycle – poems
Series edited by Nathan Yonathan and Avram Kantor
Design: Roni Rechev
Typeset: The Typesetter, Bnei Brak
Printing and plates: AR Prints
Sifriat Hapoalim, 1990


Tulipman Shamir, Ayelet 

3 Gnessin – four stories
Editor: Prof. Gavriel Moked
Design: Yael Bar-Dayan
Cover: collage, 3 Gnessin St. Tel Aviv
Typeset and print: Hidekel, Tel Aviv
Akhsahv, 1999