Haifa Arts Foundation contributes to the promotion of young and adult talents in various areas of music, the most prominent of which are students from Haifa's conservatories. The Foundation helps individuals, bands, choirs, associations, music schools, and community projects through grants, and through ongoing support to musical groups or one-time support for specific projects. Over the years, hundreds of pupils benefited from these grants.

The most notable beneficiaries include
Yuval Zoran, pianist – nowadays opera conductor in London.
Victor Stanislavsky, pianist – won international awards, currently appearing worldwide.
Hisham Khouri, violinist – won at the age of 16 the Young Artist Award in Greensboro in North Carolina, currently studying at the Academy of Music in Tel Aviv.

Old Haifa Symphony Orchestra

Composer and pianist Frank Peleg, and violin teacher Zvi Rotenberg founded Haifa Symphony Orchestra in 1950. Frank Peleg served as Music Director of the Orchestra for ten years, during which time the permanent conductor was Georg singer. He was succeeded by musical directors and/or permanent conductors Sergiu Comissiona, Avi Ostrowsky, Mendi Rodan, Samuel Freedman, Yuval Zaliouk, Dan Fogel, Uri Tepliz, Urs Schneider, Stanley Sperber and Christian Mandeal.

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Narrated Concerts for Families and Youths

This endeavor was one of the Foundation's traditional initiatives. It afforded relatively young audiences to hear narrated concerts. Haifa Symphony Orchestra, whose purpose is to prepare the next generation of classical music fans, performs the concerts as an educational activity.

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Haifa Symphony Orchestra

Musical Director: Maestro Xu Zhong
Director: Motti Eines

Haifa Symphony Orchestra is an integral and important part of the cultural life of the residents of Haifa and the North. The Orchestra is deeply rooted in Haifa, but is invited to perform many concerts all over Israel and to many international festivals, and serves as a cultural ambassador, well-known and in demand all over the world.

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Bat Shir Choir

Bat Shir Choir is a superb vocal ensemble specializing in a wide repertoire and high performance level. Bat Shir is a unique educational-artistic project that works to reveal, teach and develop local talents in the field of vocal art, by creating musical educational continuum: singers grow under one roof while developing professionally, personally and as a group.

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Haifa Big Band Orchestra

In swing time! Eighteen musicians—wind instrument players from the Haifa Symphony Orchestra, joined by leading jazz musicians from around the country—make up Haifa Big Band Orchestra, founded in 2008 by initiative of Haifa Mayor Yona Yahav.

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"Beat" Music School

Photo: Ziv Amar

"Beat" Music School, founded in 2006, operates as part of "Beat" Music and Culture Center, headed by Yuval Kaufman. It has about 250 students, aged 10-30, from Haifa and the North. Haifa Arts Foundation supports scholarships for disadvantaged students, allowing the North's future musicians to acquire musical education in a warm supporting environment.

In a ceremony held at the municipality's Convention Hall in January 2016, the Fund awarded 10 scholarships to outstanding students of the school.

In a ceremony held at the municipality's Convention Hall in January 2018, the Fund awarded 10 scholarships to outstanding students of the school.

 Music Scholarships 2020

Haifa Arts Foundation bestowed fifty scholarships to outstanding music students, Including ten  from Beat Music School

This year, no ceremony took place because of the Corona virus.

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"Alcarmel" Music Association

"Alcarmel" was founded in Haifa in1995 by music teacher Albert Ballan, to promote oriental music in Haifa and Israel, and to provide a positive atmosphere, with experienced musicians encouraging beginners, while maintaining high standards.

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Nave Yosef Community Center Orchestra

The Jewish-Arabic Orchestra is a unique formation of 15 Jews, Christians and Muslims (ages 14-24) from eastern Haifa. The orchestra, which performed in Israel, Germany and Poland in 2015, has a repertoire combining Jewish, Israeli, Arabic, ethnic, classical and world music. The orchestra performs arrangements of works by Bach, Jerusalem of Gold, Hallelujah, and also strings of songs in Moroccan and in Arabic by singers such as  Firuz and Farid al-Atrash, etc. Idan Sharon is the Musical Director of the Orchestra. 

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The Music Department - School of the Arts, University of Haifa The Dr. Hecht Arts Center

In January 2016, at a scholarships awarding ceremony held in the City's Convention Hall, attended by Mrs. Hedva Almog, Deputy and Substitute Mayor of Haifa; Mrs. Bracha Sela, Secretary General and and Substitute Chair of the Foundation's board;  and Mrs. Aviva Spigelstein, Foundation Director; scholarship recipients and their families. Haifa Arts Foundation awarded a scholarship to student Liat Leibel, a student of the Music Department's School of the Arts.

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Jam Ham - Haifa Youth Concert

ג'אם האם - קונצרט צעירי חיפה


The Haifa Cultural Foundation, in collaboration with the Haifa Municipality, supported the production of the "Jam Ham" concert, which took place at Gan Haem on September 28, 2021, under the artistic direction of Heidi Lipman Yosef and under the direction of Idan Alterman. The concert (free admission) was supported by the Ministry of Culture, and students from the following music schools took part:

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Young Musicians Competitions

Haifa Arts Foundation gives awards to winners of various competitions for young musicians who Excel in their field. These awards help musicians continue to create and play, and be exposed to music-loving audiences, such as the Haifa Symphony Orchestra's subscriptions and subscriptions of the Haifa Chamber Music Society.

Young Pianist Competition 2014

Haifa Arts Foundation gave financial rewards to musicians who have won the first three places in the Young Pianist Competition 2014. In addition, the winners were booked to play in special concerts of The Haifa Chamber Music Society and first place winner, Michael Haj, From the Rubin Conservatory, was invited to perform as a soloist in a concert in the Classic Friday series with the Haifa Symphony Orchestra.

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Young Player Competition 2010

Haifa Arts Foundation awarded winners of the first three places in the Young Player Competition. The competition took place as part of the 6thYotzrim Yotzim Festival in 2010, produced by the Youth Authority, municipality of Haifa and sponsored by Haifa Arts Foundation, Haifa Chamber Music Society and Haifa Symphony Orchestra. Seventeen classical music players—on piano, strings and wind instruments—from local music schools, grades 9 to 12, submitted into the competition. Eight of them made it to the final stage.

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Young Player Competition 2009

 Violinist Amir Liberson, student of the Samuel Rubin Conservatory in Haifa, won first prize from Haifa Arts Foundation at the Young Player Competition that was part of 2009 Yotzrim Yotzim Festiva, produced by the Youth Authority of the municipality of Haifa. Liberson played at the award concert with Haifa Symphony Orchestra.

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Reuven Ben-Zvi Memorial Competition, 2003

Haifa Symphony Orchestra held a young talents competition in memory of veteran Ma'ariv journalist, the late Reuven Ben-Zvi, who served as head of Ma'ariv's desk in Haifa.

The concert took place on Independence Day 2003; Haifa Arts Foundation gave prizes to the three winners of the first prizes, from the Kalman Ginsburg Trust.

Music Scholarships 2020

Haifa Arts Foundation bestowed fifty scholarships to outstanding music students, ten from each of the following institutes:

  • Youval Music and Youth Orchestras Center
  • Dunie Weizman Conservatory of Music
  • The Rubin Conservatory of Music, Haifa
  • Alcarmel Music Association
  • Beat Music School

    Because of the Corona virus, no ceremony took place this year.

2015 Music Scholarships

In a ceremony, which took place in Haifa Municipality's Conference Hall on the 11th of January 2016, attended by:

  • Mrs. Hedva Almog - Deputy and Substitute Mayor of Haifa
  • Mrs. Bracha Sela – Substitute Chair of the Foundation's Board
  • Mrs. Aviva Spigelstein – Foundation Director
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2014 Music Scholarships

In a ceremony held on Monday, 24.3.14, in Haifa Municipality's Conference Hall, Haifa Arts Foundation handed out 45 music scholarships to outstanding students of the five music centers in Haifa:

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2011 Music Scholarships

At a ceremony held at the Tikotin Museum of Japanese Art in December 2011 attended by:

  • Mrs. Hedva Almog - Deputy and Substitute Mayor of Haifa
  • Mrs. Bracha Sela – Substitute Chair of the Foundation's Board,
  • Mrs. Aviva Spigelstein – Foundation Director
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Scholarships for Alumni Musicians

Haifa Arts Foundation allocated grants to alumni musicians from Haifa. The scholarships were given to outstanding musicians, to assist them with advanced studies, participation in master classes, professional training courses, special projects, etc.

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The Haifa Chamber Music Society

For many years now, the Haifa Chamber Music Society conducts concerts in various venues and churches in the city. Many concert series are part of the Society's annual program, including the ancient music series Mostly Baroque, presented at the House of Grace Church.

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Haifa Music Center

Haifa Music Center was established under the musical direction of maestro Ada Pelleg. The Center held a regular concert series, and in addition initiated few annual events that the Foundation helped finance:

International Competition for Playing and Writing Recorder Music

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"Septima" Association

"Septima" Association for promoting Israeli music in Haifa and the North was established in 1998, at the initiative of the late Mr. Moshe Gorali, a musician and musicologist from Haifa, along with other activists.

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Orthodox Church Music Club

Haifa Arts Foundation assisted in the purchase of musical instruments to two of the Orthodox Church's music rooms. The Church holds weekly musical activities at the Club.