Narrated Concerts for Families and Youths

This endeavor was one of the Foundation's traditional initiatives. It afforded relatively young audiences to hear narrated concerts. Haifa Symphony Orchestra, whose purpose is to prepare the next generation of classical music fans, performs the concerts as an educational activity.

The series offered five annual concerts. At the beginning, the Orchestra played in the Auditorium, in Carmel Center. In order to bring classical music to a wider audience, an additional series of narrated concerts for the family—Music Fest—was begun, with which the Symphony travelled to community centers in the neighborhoods. In addition, a second series settled in Beit Nagler in Kiryat Haim.

The Foundation's support throughout the years encouraged those who take part in this endeavor to keep doing as much as possible for fostering quality and spreading artistic music among children, youths and families. Its success is substantial. In 1990, about 150 students of the Rubin Conservatory went to the concert series, and 40 other students attended regular concerts of the Orchestra. The positive responses received from students, influenced the decision of the administrators of the Conservatory and the Orchestra, to continue with this endeavor for at least another year.

Today, narrated concerts for families are part of Haifa Symphony's ClassiKtanim series.