Nave Yosef Community Center Orchestra

The Jewish-Arabic Orchestra is a unique formation of 15 Jews, Christians and Muslims (ages 14-24) from eastern Haifa. The orchestra, which performed in Israel, Germany and Poland in 2015, has a repertoire combining Jewish, Israeli, Arabic, ethnic, classical and world music. The orchestra performs arrangements of works by Bach, Jerusalem of Gold, Hallelujah, and also strings of songs in Moroccan and in Arabic by singers such as  Firuz and Farid al-Atrash, etc. Idan Sharon is the Musical Director of the Orchestra. 

Haifa Arts Foundation has helped the Community Center Orchestra in the purchase of sound equipment and ethnic musical instruments.

Jewish and Arab youths play in the orchestra, enjoying a dialogue based on familiarity and joint action through music.

The Krieger Hall Concert

Nave Yosef Music Center staged a historic and unique concert of 100 Israeli, German and Polish youths, musicians and singers. The concert was held in Krieger Hall to a crowd of hundreds of spectators. Nave Yosef Music Center hosted Hibernia School from Germany and Thaddeus School from Poland, for a unique joint concert marking 70 years to the end of World War II and the Holocaust of the Jews, 50 years to the renewal of diplomatic relations between Germany and Israel, and 25 years to the renewal of diplomatic relations between Israel to Poland.

The concert included fragments of Bach's corals and arias, select classical compositions in special arrangements, in addition to playing and singing with the ethnic Jewish-Arab Orchestra of Nave Yosef.

The idea was born following a visit to Germany by Nave Yosef director Shimon Yifrach and director of Music Center Zehavit Toledo, where a cooperation began between Nave Yosef and music centers in Germany and Poland.

Within the framework of cooperation, it was agreed to perform a joint concert in Germany and Israel; to have an exchange of delegations of ethnic youth orchestras of Nave Yosef and music centers in Germany and Poland; to conduct shared musical activities and concerts; and to hold master classes and recreational activities. Haifa Municipality is partner to the project.

 Nave Yosef Orchestra: Concert in Poland 

Nave Yosef Orchestra's Jewish-Arab ensemble




jam Ham – Haifa Youth Concertjam hem poster

Artistic director:  Heidi Lipman Yosef, Moderator: Idan Alterman.

Students of Nave Yosef Community Center, attended the “Jam Ham - Haifa Youth Concert”, which took place at Gan Haem on September 28, 2021.

The Haifa Cultural Foundation, in collaboration with the Haifa Municipality, supported the production of the concert, that was also supported by the Ministry of Culture.

Also participated students from the following music schools: "Beat" Music School, Youval Center – Music and Youth Orchestras, Dunie Weizman Conservatory of Music, Rubin Conservatory of Music, "Reut" School of Arts, "Beat" Music School, Nave Yosef Community Center Orchestra, "Al Carmel" Music Association and Rock city.