Haifa Symphony Orchestra

Musical Director: Maestro Xu Zhong
Director: Motti Eines

Haifa Symphony Orchestra is an integral and important part of the cultural life of the residents of Haifa and the North. The Orchestra is deeply rooted in Haifa, but is invited to perform many concerts all over Israel and to many international festivals, and serves as a cultural ambassador, well-known and in demand all over the world.

tizmoret01 Composer and pianist Frank Peleg, and violin teacher Zvi Rotenberg founded Haifa Symphony Orchestra in 1950. Frank Peleg served as Music Director of the Orchestra for ten years, during which time the permanent conductor was Georg singer. He was succeeded by musical directors and/or permanent conductors Sergiu Comissiona, Avi ostrowsky, Mendi Rodan, Samuel Freedman, Yuval Zaliouk, Dan Fogel, Uri Tepliz, Urs Schneider, Stanley Sperber and Christian Mandeal.

In April 2004, the Orchestra reorganized. This initiative of Mayor Yona Yahav resulted in the transformation of the Symphony Orchestra from a private body to one belonging to a subsidiary municipal company, Ethos - The Haifa Municipality Art, Culture and Sports Association Company.

Over the years, other famous maestros conducted the orchestra, among them Erich Bergel, Yoel Levi, Paul Capolongo, Gabriel Chmura, Sidney Hart, John Nelson, Gilbert Varga, Uriel Segal and Ronald Zollman. In addition, some top of the line soloists played with the Haifa Symphony, including Henryk Szeryng, Ida Haendel,  Ivry Gitlis, Boris Belkin, Daniel Barenboim, Shira Rabin, Mischa Maisky, Claude Frank, Jeremy Menuhin, Gerhard Oppitz, Arie Vardi, Nikolai Petrov, Gary Carr, Israel Prize Laureate Prof. Noam Sheriff and many others.

The Orchestra toured the USA, Switzerland, Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, and participated in international festivals in Corsica, Dusseldorf, Besançon and Liège.

In addition to its ongoing activities, the Orchestra performs concerts on Friday mornings as part of the series Classics on Friday, and narrated concerts for the family as part of the ClassiKtanim series. It also performs concerts in schools, outdoor concerts and other special concerts in various settings such as voluntary organizations, festivals and celebrations throughout the country.

Most of Haifa Symphony Orchestra's activities are in Haifa, but it performs regularly around the country. Haifa Symphony Orchestra has 65 members who are an exciting mix of young and experienced players, new immigrants, veteran immigrants, and experienced musicians who grew up and were educated in the country.

During the 2013-2014 season, the orchestra went on tour in the United States, financially supported by Haifa Arts Foundation.

The Haifa Big Band Orchestra, Haifa Opera and Bat Shir Choir are affiliated to Haifa Symphony Orchestra.