Authorizing Haifa: A Colorful and Unique Celebration in Haifa

Authorizing Haifa invites the audience to celebrate the diverse literature written about the city from a literary and theatrical perspective, via theatrical, music and art performances

"סופרים את חיפה" חגיגת ספרות חיפאית, יוני 2022

Haifa is a literary laboratory of encounters; city and nature, sea and mountain, Arabs and Jews, classes, ethnic groups and languages coexist in space. For the literary world, Haifa is a platform and horizon for an abundance of gazes, insights and imaginations. Its streets and landscapes contain depths and contrasts beyond what any other Israeli city can imagine. Authorizing Haifa event—supported by the National Lottery Council for the Arts and Culture, the Haifa Municipality and the Haifa Cultural Foundation—invites the audience to dive into the city and literature at once. The event celebrates the diverse literature written about the city through a literary and theatrical perspective: literary and music events alongside theatrical and performance acts that shed a new light on Haifaite literature.

As part of the event, the following musical performance took place

A City on the Edge of a Blue Carpet | Anti-abundance

A music show based on Haifaite prose and poetry

Participants: Karni Postel (cello and vocals), Hila Ruach (bass and vocals), Eden Lieberman (keyboards), Noa Segal (drums), Hagai Linik (guitar), Oved Efrat (guitar)

Music Producer: Oved Efrat, Editor: Hagai Linik

Poets: Meital Nissim, Judat Eid , Carmit Rosen

"סופרים את חיפה" חגיגת ספרות חיפאית, יוני 2022

Photo from video: Chelle Natansky

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"סופרים את חיפה" חגיגת ספרות חיפאית, יוני 2022
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The full event


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