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מיסודם של עיריית חיפה     •    משרד החינוך והתרבות    •   סנט העיר החופשית ברמן
من تأسيس بلدية حيفا           •         وزارة المعارف والثقافة               •            برلمان المدينة الحرة بريمن.
Founders: Haifa Municipality • Ministry of Education and Culture • Senate of the Free City of Breme

"Dunie Weizman" Conservatory of Music

"Dunie Weizman" Conservatory of Music

"Dunie Weizman" Conservatory is the oldest music school in Haifa, aimed to propagate and cultivate knowledge and musical education. About 300 students of all ages study at the Conservatory each year.


Haifa Arts Foundation has awarded scholarships to outstanding students of the Conservatory and supported its open-to-the-public concert series, Sounds at Eye Level.

Mrs. Gita Dunie Weizman (sister of Israel's first president, Chaim Weizmann) founded the Conservatory in 1924. Initially the classes were held in the teachers' homes. In 1947, Hadar HaCarmel Committee donated a single story structure that became the Haifa Music Institute. For many years, the Music Institute was the only place in the North that performed classical concerts for the public. In the late 1950s, the Music Institute was renamed "Dunie Weizman" Conservatory, and at the beginning of the 1960s a second floor was added to the building, with additional classrooms. From a bird's eye view, the structure has the shape of a grand piano.

קונסרבטוריון דוניה ויצמן

Classes are held at the Conservatory or in the teachers' homes. When conducted in a private home, the classes adhere to the institute's ethic rules and its professional requirements; the students are insured, as required by law.

קונסרבטוריון דוניה ויצמן

The Conservatory offers a variety of programs that combine professionalism with the joy of creative activity, achieving a high standard of musical performance. The Conservatory students acquire a set of non-conventional tools that spring from cooperation with others, personal experience (regular concerts in the concert hall, which is one of the most prestigious in Haifa), master classes by the best artists and musicians in the field, experience in various ensembles, workshops and exposure to professional outside inspectors who examine independently the level of achievements and contribute to their continuous improvement. 


Individual Music Studies

Piano and keyboard skills, violin, Viola, cello and classical guitar, flute, recorder, clarinet and saxophone, vocal training and choir, jazz classes, composition and creative writing, pre-instrument classes and concert series for young children, group theory lessons according to levels, for students and adults.

12th grade students attend finals playing their instrument and getting a certificate. At the same time, they attend matriculation exams in music.

The Conservatory's Programs

Pre-instrument Program: intended for young children and preschoolers, in groups for ages 3-4 and 4-5. 45 minutes lessons.

Experiential Program: two annual exams for professional evaluation, student's concerts and class concerts, including concert appearances in front of an audience, which is just as important as individual lessons, theory and solfeggio.

Vocal Program: vocal ensembles and Carmel Choir, led by Shimon Ben Ami.

Adults Program: combines the contents of the experiential program and adapted to the adults' schedule, lectures and special courses in music literature and unique music theory studies.

Various musical events include public concerts for children of all ages and from all segments of the population and for grown-ups, including concerts of the series Sessions at Eye Level, which was supported by the Foundation; concerts featuring students; master classes for piano, violin, guitar and flute from baroque to contemporary classical music.

The concerts attract crowds from across Haifa and the North. The piano teachers are members of the Piano Teachers Association of the North, which gives piano master classes at the Conservatory.

Among the graduates of the Conservatory are renowned Israeli and international artists such as conductors Dalia Atlas and Yuval zaliouk; pianists Yahli Wagman, Israela Margalit, David Bar-Ilan, Benjamin Rawitz, Rina Waldman, Ruth Hilman, Galila Ruebner, Danny Gottfried, Ami Aloni, David Dolan, Noam Sivan (international pianist and composer), Daniel Salomon (singer and composer); violinists Ivry Gitlis, Zvi Zeitlin and Avigdor Zamir; Kol HaMusica personnel in IBA: Hayuta Dvir, Avi Hanani and Alexandra Melamed.

קונסרבטוריון דוניה ויצמן

""Dunie Weizman"" Conservatory
12 Bezalel St., Hadar, Haifa, 3353708
Phone numbers: 04-8626014, 04-8627133
Fax: 04-8640411

The Conservatory site:


קונסרבטוריון דוניה ויצמן

קונסרבטוריון דוניה ויצמן

קונסרבטוריון דוניה ויצמן


Scholarships ceremony 2018


Music Scholarships 2020

Haifa Arts Foundation bestowed fifty scholarships to outstanding music students, Including ten  from Dunie Weizman Conservatory of Music

This year, no ceremony took place because of the Corona virus.

Music Scholarships 2021
In a solemn ceremony that took place at Haifa City Hall's conventions hall on June 23 2021, attended by:
• Dr. Einat Kalisch Rotem, Mayor of Haifa – Chair of Haifa Arts Foundation and the General Assembly
• Mrs. Bracha Sela – Substitute Chair of Foundation and General Assembly
• Mrs. Aviva Spiegelstein – General Director
• Members of the foundation's management
Haifa Arts Foundation bestowed fifty scholarships to outstanding music students, among them are ten students from Dunie Weizman Conservatory of Music.
Chairman of the Board, Mr. Nuno Eliyashvili , , joined in awarding the scholarships to his students.
The piano student, Ilana Tomshpolsky, thanked the foundation on behalf of all the outstanding students.
The outstanding students, managers of the centers, teachers and family members attended the ceremony.


jam Ham – Haifa Youth Concertjam hem poster

Artistic director:  Heidi Lipman Yosef, Moderator: Idan Alterman.

Students of "Dunie Weizman" Conservatory of Music, attended the"  Jam Ham - Haifa Youth Concert” which took place at Gan Haem on September 28, 2021.

The Haifa Cultural Foundation, in collaboration with the Haifa Municipality, supported the production of the concert, that was also supported by the Ministry of Culture.

Also participated students from the following music schools: "Beat" Music School, “Youval” Center – Music and Youth Orchestras, The Rubin Conservatory of Music, "Reut" School of Arts,  Nave Yosef Community Center, "Al Carmel" Music Association and  Rock city.



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