Museums and Galleries – Exhibition Catalog Production Support

Haifa Arts Foundation assisted in the publication of catalogs for exhibitions at museums and galleries of cultural institutions, such as the exhibition catalog New Woman Figure in Photography, and the catalog of Yosl Bergner's exhibition The Party, presented at the Haifa Museum of Art.

The Foundation also assisted in the publication of catalogs for exhibitions produced by Beit Hagefen Arab-Jewish Cultural Center during over 20 years of Holiday of Holidays Festivals, of exhibitions presented in the Beit Hagefen Gallery and the Museum without Walls - in the open public space in Wadi Nisnas and its vicinity.

Haifa City Museum – What Will the Neighbors Say?

 Haifa City Museum opens the first exhibition of its kind dedicated to the story of the queer community—or by its official name the LGBT community—in Haifa, from the British Mandate to the present day. This is the first time a museum in Israel dedicates an exhibition of such large and comprehensive scale to queer history. The exhibition offers an essential and up-to-date history of sexual and gender minorities. 


Dotan Brom, Yoav Zaritsky and Adi Sadaka (Haifa Queer History Project) and Inbar Dror Lax

The exhibition was produced in cooperation with the Association for LGBTQ People in Israel and with the assistance of Haifa Arts Foundation

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Beit HaGefen –Holiday of Holidays Festival Catalogs over the Years

Holiday of Holidays is Haifa's Holiday! During the Festival, a wide range of cultural, artistic and culinary events take place, and Wadi Nisnas neighborhood becomes an open-air museum, which presents the best works of art and outdoor events by Israel's finest artists, viewed by tens of thousands of visitors. Haifa Arts Foundation has supported over the years the catalogs that accompanied the Festivals' exhibitions.

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MadaTech Museum –Alexander Baerwald Memorial Exhibition Catalog

Dr. Alexander Baerwald (Berlin 1878 – Jerusalem 1930)

Haifa Arts Foundation helped MadaTech Museum with the production of the catalog for the architecture exhibition displaying the buildings designed by Dr. Alexander Baerwald, one of the greatest architects in Israel. Born into an assimilated Jewish family, Baerwald studied architecture in Berlin. In 1909, he was invited to plan the Technion building in Hadar HaCarmel.

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Haifa Artists - Catalog Production Assistance

Haifa Arts Foundation helps local artists in publishing catalogs of their exhibitions and art.

Among the artists:

Dror Auslander, Hana Eichengreen, Shmuel Ben-Ami, Tamar Gerchuk, Dov Medzini, Mohamad Fadel, Anna Pasternak, Sana Farah-Bishara, Aviva Shemer.

Professional recommending committees reviewed applications submitted by the artists.

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Dror Auslander

At the beginning of his work as an artist, Dror Auslander specialized in figurative painting on canvas and upholstery fabrics. In the accompanying catalog, the painting on plywood takes a central place.

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Hanna Eichengreen

Photo: Natalie Eichengreen
Photo: Natalie Eichengreen

(Warsaw 1913–Haifa 2005)

Hanna Eichengreen immigrated to Israel in 1935. She studied with sculptor Aharon Ashkenazi, continued art studies at the HaGefen Arts Center with Prof. Moses and at the Haifa University. Studied painting, color, screen-printing, etching, lithography and aquarelle under Gitit Harel, Batya Eisenwasser, Shmuel Boneh and others. Studied in Salzburg, New York, Los Angeles and Munich. Accepted as a member of the Israeli Painters and Sculptors Association.

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Shmuel Ben-Ami

Ben-Ami was a notable Israeli portrait sculptor who came to fame after sculpting portraits of a wide cross-section of important personalities from politics, music, film and theater.

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Tamar Gerchuk

Painter, illustrator and qualified teacher of painting. Working in classic techniques, oils, gouache, pencil, technical pen and more. Studies: two years graphics at the Technion, two years art history at the Haifa University, three years at Oranim Seminar.  

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Dov Medzini

Autumn in the Studio, 1996
Autumn in the Studio, 1996

Dov Medzini (1915-2002)

A teacher and an artist. After graduating art studies in Venice, he returned to Israel and began to work as a teacher of art at the Hebrew Reali School in Haifa, in which position he remained until retirement. During 38 years of teaching fine arts at the school, he taught thousands of students.

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Mohamad Fadel

Mohamad Fadel was born in 1977 at Kafr Yasif village, Galilee. Today he lives and creates in Haifa. Mohamad has not been formally trained in art, but began to create at an early age. At the age of fifteen, he was named one of ten outstanding painters in the country, and also won first place at Haifa University's art competition. Before turning eighteen, Fadel became a member of the Israeli Painters and Sculptors Association, the youngest Member ever to join the Association. Awarded Worthy Citizen of Haifa award from the Histadrut. The Mongolian hero Hulagu inspired the title of the catalog and the exhibition.

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Anna Pasternak

Photograph: Avshalom Pasternak

Anna Pasternak began painting in oil by observing, under her mother's tuition, and later studied with abstract expressionist painters Streichman, Steimatzky and Kahane. After over a decade of abstract painting, a prolonged stay abroad and searching, she found her personal path in painting. Since the 1980s, she is focused on painting dynamic scenes of people in different environments - at home, in the city, in the desert and on the beach. The scenes spread across multiple panels and continue beyond the borders of the fabric. In her paintings, depicting a moment in time, Man's weight is equal to that of the environment, both in terms of theme and composition.

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Sana Farah Bishara

Born in Nazareth, Sana Farah Bishara graduated from the Neri Bloomfield Academy of Design and Education in Haifa, and obtained a BA in Fine Arts and Sociology from the University of Haifa, followed by a degree in Museology.

Farah Bishara has taught art at a number of schools and community centers, and has served as the Director of Art Education for Arab Schools at the Janco Dada Museum, Ein Hod.

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Aviva Shemer

A native of Haifa, Aviva Shemer is an illustrator, painter, sculptor in stone and metal, installation and performance artist. During decades of activity, Shemer also served as a curator of numerous exhibitions, and as the curator of the new gallery in Beit Abba Hushi, where many artists exhibited.

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In January 2016, in a scholarships awarding ceremony that took place in Haifa Municipality's Convention Hall, attended by Mrs. Hedva Almog, Deputy and Substitute Mayor of Haifa; Haifa Arts Foundation Chair Aviva Spiegelstein; scholarship recipients and their families, the Haifa Arts Foundation awarded scholarships to Inbal Cohen and Thiya Dolinsky, Students of the Department of Fine Arts.

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HaAgaf Art Gallery

In 2012, HAF aided the Gallery in the purchase of equipment.

Initiated by artists who lived in Haifa's downtown, HaAgaf Art Gallery was established in 2009 on 51 HaNamal St. in Haifa. HaAgaf is open to the public and operates as a nonprofit gallery. In addition to art exhibitions, HaAgaf also holds culture soirees, resident artist programs, lectures, projection evenings and an active bar, once a week.

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Assistance in financing student tours at the Munio Gitai Museum


May 2018

Haifa Arts Foundation assisted the Munio Gitai Museum in financing art design tutorials and tours for students of various local elementary schools—religious, secular, Arab—held at the Museum every second Friday. Thus, students are exposed to various exhibitions held in the Museum that are tailored to elementary school age.

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