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MadaTech Museum –Alexander Baerwald Memorial Exhibition Catalog

MadaTech Museum –Alexander Baerwald Memorial Exhibition Catalog

Dr. Alexander Baerwald (Berlin 1878 – Jerusalem 1930)

Haifa Arts Foundation helped MadaTech Museum with the production of the catalog for the architecture exhibition displaying the buildings designed by Dr. Alexander Baerwald, one of the greatest architects in Israel. Born into an assimilated Jewish family, Baerwald studied architecture in Berlin. In 1909, he was invited to plan the Technion building in Hadar HaCarmel.

Baerwald laid the foundations for a new building style in Israel, a style that attempted to blend harmoniously the Western-European style and the Middle Eastern one, emphasizing the need for the integration of the architectural concept with local nature and landscape. He designed buildings made from local stone characterized in domes, arches and other Oriental motifs.

The buildings considered the peak of his work are the Reali School in Hadar HaCarmel and the adjacent Technion building (currently MadaTech - National Museum of Science, Technology and Space), which inspired a generation of architects.

In 1925, He established and directed the Faculty of Architecture at the Technion. In Haifa, Baerwald also planned the Anglo-Palestine Bank, Herman Struck House and others. He continued to design public buildings in Israel, such as HaEmek Hospital in Afula, AFK Bank in Jaffa Street and others.


 Alexander Baerwald, a drawing of the Technicon's façade, 1921-1931, ink on tracing paper, the collection of the historic archives at the main library, Technion

* Archive of the Hebrew Reali School in Haifa
(Director: Simon Valdhorn, courtesy of Mr. Roni Königsberg)

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