Photo: Natalie Eichengreen
Photo: Natalie Eichengreen

Hanna Eichengreen

(Warsaw 1913–Haifa 2005)

Hanna Eichengreen immigrated to Israel in 1935. She studied with sculptor Aharon Ashkenazi, continued art studies at the HaGefen Arts Center with Prof. Moses and at the Haifa University. Studied painting, color, screen-printing, etching, lithography and aquarelle under Gitit Harel, Batya Eisenwasser, Shmuel Boneh and others. Studied in Salzburg, New York, Los Angeles and Munich. Accepted as a member of the Israeli Painters and Sculptors Association.

The catalog

Hanna Eichengreen 2001

Photography, graphic design and editing: Kalia Eichengreen.

Printing: Digital Print, Gil Natalie team.
P.S.C. Moshe Ayalon. Eichengreen Metal Coating - Danny and Sylvia Eichengreen.

Cover: The Blue Dove, 1992, 15X10 cm

כריכה: היונה הכחולה -  1992, הדפס 15/10 ס"מ  Cover: The Blue Dove – 1992, Print 10/15 cm