HaAgaf Art Gallery

In 2012, HAF aided the Gallery in the purchase of equipment.

Initiated by artists who lived in Haifa's downtown, HaAgaf Art Gallery was established in 2009 on 51 HaNamal St. in Haifa. HaAgaf is open to the public and operates as a nonprofit gallery. In addition to art exhibitions, HaAgaf also holds culture soirees, resident artist programs, lectures, projection evenings and an active bar, once a week.


The Gallery is a social cooperative whose main activity is hosting artists and curators from Israel and abroad.

Gallery artists:

Libby Castle, Ido Marcus, Shachar Sivan, Boaz Noy, Iris Sinatra, Diana Piatob, Talia Sivan and musician Zvi Petrakowsky.

New members who joined the temporary project HaAgaf HaSheni: Jonathan Gottesman, Yuval Feiglin, Adah Weiss, Roy Cohen, Or Shlumen, Tal Bloom, Talia Ben Abu, Eldad Menuchin and Mark Iashaiyev.

Additional information: https://goo.gl/YyQ2kZ