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מיסודם של עיריית חיפה     •    משרד החינוך והתרבות    •   סנט העיר החופשית ברמן
من تأسيس بلدية حيفا           •         وزارة المعارف والثقافة               •            برلمان المدينة الحرة بريمن.
Founders: Haifa Municipality • Ministry of Education and Culture • Senate of the Free City of Breme

The Department of Fine Arts - Dr. Hecht Arts Center, Haifa University

החוג לאמנות – המשכן לאמנויות הבמה ע"ש ד"ר ראובן הכט

The uniqueness of the Department of Fine Arts at the University of Haifa lies in the combination of art studies (theoretical and practical) with another course from the various departments. This type of affixation is unique in Israel and allows parallel studies in two specializations.

Studies in the Department of Fine Arts provide skills, basic concepts and principles of thinking to the person who deals with artistic creation. The combination of practical work in workshops and theoretical learning in the art history department allows the students to develop creative abilities while developing a historic understanding and critical analysis of works of art.

The Department offers practical and theoretical workshops with the best artists-teachers in the country, in all areas of contemporary creativity: painting, sculpting, drawing, photography, video, computers, print, ceramics, illustration, installation and performance. During practical work, students experience the creative process; deal with issues facing creative artists, and purchase tools and techniques that will be of use during and after school, while creating close and direct relationships between teachers and students.

The Master of Fine Arts program was established in 2003, and is the only M.F.A. program in Israel that operates in a university setting (compared to other colleges and schools providing B.F.A. or B.E.D), and a master's degree in fine arts M.F.A. or M.A. In art history.

From M.A. alumni exhibition, MFA 2016

3Alex Kremer
Photographer: Ariel Warhaftig
2Nir Matzliah
Photographer: Ariel Warhaftig
1Yaara Califi
Photographer: Ariel Warhaftig
4Anat Rozenson Ben Hur
Photographer: Ariel Warhaftig
5Anat Rozenson Ben Hur
Photographer: Ariel Warhaftig
6Gony Harlap
Photographer: Ariel Warhaftig

Alongside a very rich library of art, there are three art galleries on the campus:
• University Gallery
• Student Gallery – Dr. Reuben Hecht Arts Center
• In Transition Gallery - the main building, 2nd floor, next to Bank HaPoalim, Hecht Museum of Archeology and Fine Arts

School of the Arts, University of Haifa

199 Abba Hushi Blvd., Haifa 3498838

Phone: 04-8288821 – Fax: 04-8249714


The Dr. Hecht Arts Center, Haifa University - General

Founded in 2012, the School of Arts brings together three academic units: the Department of Fine Arts, the Department of Music, and the Department of Theater. The School offers studies at BA and MA level, and provides a point of theoretical and practical contact between diverse artistic fields and those working within them. Our students study one artistic discipline in depth and are at the same time exposed to expressive forms drawn from other disciplines.

Among the staff of the School of Arts are artists and researchers of the highest level, renowned in Israel and the wider world. They teach with professionalism and sensitivity, training students to meet intellectual and aesthetic challenges, and encouraging them to follow their independent ideas and to actualize them.

Professor Sharon Poliakine (Fine Arts) served as the Head of the School of Arts during 2012-2015, and Professor Yuval Shaked (Music) currently serves in this position.

Around 380 students study in the departments of the School of Arts: Jews, Christians, Muslims, Druze and Circassians; veteran Israelis and new immigrants; secular and religious people; students from cities, rural settlements and kibbutzim; from the periphery and from the center of the country. In its daily life, the School of Arts is an exciting multicultural meeting point.

The departments are located in the Hecht Arts Centre, established in memory of Dr. Reuben Hecht. A modern and inspiring building that was inaugurated in 2006, the Arts Centre is built into the sloping peak of Mt Carmel in an area of natural beauty, overlooking an impressive view of sea, mountains and valleys, and secular and sacred sites.

The School of Arts also promotes community engagement projects that envisage the arts as a means to intervene in wider society. Within this framework, students go out to work with socially excluded communities and in organizations that work with populations with special needs in Haifa and northern Israel. These projects enable students to gain experience and to take on responsibilities, and to find opportunities to create positive change in the society around them. They discover how art that is attentive, engaged and adventurous can promote important values such as responsibility, commitment, justice and solidarity.

School of the Arts, University of Haifa

199 Abba Hushi Blvd., Haifa 3498838

Phone: 04-8288821 – Fax: 04-8249714

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