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מיסודם של עיריית חיפה     •    משרד החינוך והתרבות    •   סנט העיר החופשית ברמן
من تأسيس بلدية حيفا           •         وزارة المعارف والثقافة               •            برلمان المدينة الحرة بريمن.
Founders: Haifa Municipality • Ministry of Education and Culture • Senate of the Free City of Breme

Beit HaGefen –Holiday of Holidays Festival Catalogs over the Years

Beit HaGefen –Holiday of Holidays Festival Catalogs over the Years

Holiday of Holidays is Haifa's Holiday! During the Festival, a wide range of cultural, artistic and culinary events take place, and Wadi Nisnas neighborhood becomes an open-air museum, which presents the best works of art and outdoor events by Israel's finest artists, viewed by tens of thousands of visitors. Haifa Arts Foundation has supported over the years the catalogs that accompanied the Festivals' exhibitions.

Every year, a central theme is chosen for the festival, according to which artists from Israel and abroad create works that are shown both in the public realm – in the alleys of Wadi Nisnas and along the route to the German Colony, in Beit Hagefen's Art Gallery and in other galleries in Wadi nisnas.

Some of these pieces become part of the permanent display. The works deal with the various narratives in Israeli society, the conflicts and the challenges of living in a common space.

Holiday of Holidays Festival takes place in Haifa, a city of diverse religions, cultures, cuisines and landscapes, since December 1993. The Festival is an initiative of Beit HaGefen – the Arab-Jewish Cultural Center, together with the Haifa Municipality, and takes place at Beit HaGefen, Wadi Nisnas and the German Colony. The purpose of the Festival is to promote and nurture tolerance and mutual respect by means of culture and art.

Each year, tens of thousands of visitors attend the Festival, and the interaction between the Jewish and Arab artists and the residents and guests, combined with the art and the poems, create an encounter without barriers between cultures and religions and underscores the fact that all human beings love life and seek peace. Holiday of Holidays Festival expresses the human mosaic of Haifa, whose residents embrace tolerance as a way of life.

Beit HaGefen's Museum without Walls site displays exhibitions presented throughout the years:


Photographs from catalogs of exhibitions supported by Haifa Arts Foundation:

2009, Connections. Curators: Abd Abaddi and Orna Ben-Shitrit

2009 hiburim

Additional photos: Http://

2008, Window, Dream. Curators: Abd Abaddi and Orna Ben-Shitrit

2008Additional photos:
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2007, Handiwork. Curator: Dalia Markovitz

2007Additional photos:


2006, Roommates. Curator: Smadar Schindler.

A route of digital prints hanging in the Wadi's main street.


2005, Black Coffee. Curator: Hana Kofler


Additional photos:


2004, Utopia. Curator: Hana Kofler


Additional photos:
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2003, Mediterranean. Curator: Hana Kofler


2002, Wedding. Curator: Hana Kofler


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Works presented over the years:

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