Scholarships 2013

On June 12, 2013, at the Education and Sciences Building, Haifa University, the Israel Szabo Scholarship ceremony took place, for students of advanced degrees who specialize in informal education at the University of Haifa, within the framework of the Haifa Arts Foundation. Dr. Clara Sabag emceed. 


Welcoming speech:

  • Prof. Rivka Eisikovits – Head, Department of Leadership and Policy in Education.
  • Mrs. Bracha Sela - Secretary General, Acting Director of the Haifa Arts Foundation.

 On behalf of Scholarship Recipients:

Spivak Liat, Shehadeh Sakhar, Shmueli Tzach.

Scholarship Recipients:

Bassila Samah, Bentur Noa, Yifrah Naama, Cohen Heli, Spivak Liat, Finkelstein Neta-Li, Shehadeh Sakhar, Shmueli Tzach.

For further details about the winners and the speakers, see the winners' booklet. To open click the PDF.

The Faculty of Education, University of Haifa, Israel, produced the booklet.

Design: Gil Glick Shimoni.

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