Scholarships 2010

The Education, Society and Cultural Program focuses on the social and cultural aspects of education, with an emphasis on informal education. Studies are anchored in the fields of knowledge of sociology and anthropology of education, and illuminate the interrelationships between educational systems, especially the field of informal education in formal frameworks and in civil society, and between key social issues such as activism, justice, politics, sameness and difference.

The curriculum offers a variety of subjects: Critical Sociology, New Media and Youth, Arab Education, Ethnography in Education, Gender and Social Justice, Political Education, Globalization and Inequality in Education and Rituals in Education. The program also introduces theories, methods of action, frameworks and key figures in informal education.

The program is suitable for students with social awareness and communal responsibility, specifically those who wish to prepare themselves for leadership and entrepreneurship positions in education and informal education in particular: community centers and youth centers; boarding schools and youth villages; preparatory programs and educational communities; youth movements and organizations; non-profit organizations and projects in the third sectors; local authorities; culture centers and museums; initiatives and programs of the Ministry of Education's Social and Youth Administration.

In addition, the studies prepare the students for academic research and teaching.

One course in the program emphasizes research, and includes writing a dissertation. The second course emphasizes application, and includes writing a thesis/final exam, and a course aimed at being acquainted with organizations and key figures in the field of informal education.

The program offers MA studies with an emphasis on informal education.

For a number of years, Haifa Arts Foundation awarded the Israel Szabo Scholarships to advanced students who specialize in informal education, from the Education, Society and Cultural Program, the Faculty of Education at the University of Haifa. Funds that Szabo Foundation forwarded to HAF sponsored the scholarships.


On May 5, 2012, at the Education and Sciences Building, Haifa University, the Israel Szabo Scholarship ceremony took place, for students of advanced degrees who specialize in informal education at the University of Haifa, within the framework of the Haifa Arts Foundation. Prof. Rivka Eisikovits emceed. 


Welcoming speech:

Prof. Ofra Mayseless – Dean, Faculty of Education

In memory of Mr. Israel Szabo:

Mrs. Edna Zaretsky

Scholarship Recipients:

Rinat Alon, Hanin Elias, Adam Goren, Dror Zakai.