Scholarships 2021

Invitation to Tender - Szabo Foundation  2021

Aiming to promote informal education, the Szabo Foundation, via the Haifa Arts Foundation, is launching an invitation to tender to award monetary prizes to instructors whose work with youth is in the field of informal education.

The prize will be awarded for promoting exceptional activity in work with youth in the field of informal education.

Recommendations should be as detailed as possible and cover no more than one page, reflecting the educational work of the instructors with the youth, worthy of a cash prize from the Szabo Foundation.

Recommendations should be referred to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. until 10.12.2021.

Enclosed are the criteria for submitting recommendations. 

Recommendations must be submitted according to the criteria.

Criteria for selecting outstanding instructors

In the field of informal education 

1. Persistence in informal educational work with youth.

2. Promoting programs that emphasize the values of multiculturalism, environmental protection, and nurturing a democratic society that fosters a relationship of respect, fairness and integrity.

3. Developing and promoting creative and innovative training methods.

4. The instructors are over the age of 18 and their work with youth lasted at least two years, in Haifa.

5. Activity within the framework of recognized organizations.