Haifa Big Brothers Big Sisters Association

Haifa Big Brothers Big Sisters Association, which started out under the name Big Brothers, is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping in the education and development of children from families without a father or a mother figure.

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Assistance to At-Risk Youth

Haifa Arts Foundation supported the music project for at-risk youth from Kiryat Haim, and helped in financing recording engineers, music teachers, equipment and more. The Department of Youth, Youngsters and Rehabilitation Services in Haifa Municipality run the project, in cooperation with the Department of Social and Community Services in Kiryat Haim.

Support for Informal Education

Haifa Arts Foundation assisted in the informal education provided by Hadar Community Center. The support comes from the Szabo Fund.

Purchasing Books for Libraries

Haifa Arts Foundation helped the school in Halisa neighborhood to purchase books such as dictionaries and encyclopedias for the Gur Hasidic Dynasty school library.