Purchasing Tickets for Various shows

Theater Project for Students

One of the largest and oldest ventures of the Haifa Arts Foundation is to encourage students in various educational institutions to watch theater performances, as part of the Municipal Theater's subscription project or as part of the Ministry of Education's recommended plays presented to the educational institution.

The aim of this project is to acquaint the youth with the performances staged in various theaters, with the intention that these meetings will in the future lead the students to purchase a ticket or subscription independently.

The Beit Nagler Community Center – Children Theater Project
Haifa Arts Foundation purchased tickets for the children of Kiryat Haim, in order to encourage them to watch children's plays at the Beit Nagler Community Center.

Nave Yosef Community Theater Festival
Haifa Arts Foundation subsidized the cost of tickets and assisted in transporting audience to the festival's shows.

Reut School - Subscriptions to Haifa Theater
At the request of the management of Reut School, Haifa Arts Foundation subsidized Municipal Theater subscriptions for theater students.