The Studio Theater - Act 2 Festival

Act 2 Festival
On November 24-26, 2009, The Studio Theater, a workshop for original theater in Haifa, presented Act 2, a two-actor theater festival, premiering 12 original Israeli plays written specifically for the festival. Haifa Arts Foundation awarded the first prize for the festival's winning play.

תיאטרון הסטודיו - פסטיבל Act 2

The festival is an initiative of Studio Theater in cooperation with the Municipality of Haifa, the Haifa Arts Foundation and Ethos. It was held at the Studio Theater, the Cinematheque and the Rappaport Hall in the Auditorium compound.

In 2009, the second year of the festival, more than 100 plays were submitted to the festival, of which twelve were selected.

The play Ingale won first place and a prize awarded by the Haifa Arts Foundation.

Play: Lior Zalmanson; director: Ofer Shemer; cast: Michael Aloni and Hana River.

Rivka, Yaron's grandmother, asks her beloved grandson to come and document her last will with a video camera, claiming she wants "them to see it". In front of Yaron's camera, she recounts the story of her last days with her husband, and reveals a secret she can no longer keep. The new discovery puts the relations between the two to test, after which nothing will ever be the same again... Ingale is a jarring play about the choices we make in life for the benefit of those we love.

The Studio - a Workshop for Original Theater

The Studio Theater offers a theatrical alternative in Haifa and acts as a fringe theater for the young and adventurous. The Studio invites you to learn the art of acting, to experience and develop a magical world of senses and emotions, and to stand at the center of the stage.

The Studio workshop for original theater and acting school offers workshops for beginners or advanced students, children, youths and adults in the areas of theatrical, film and television acting. The workshops expose the students to a variety of subjects: the basics of acting, theatrical acting, movement and body language, drama, creativity and comedy, character development, improvisation, Stanislavsky Method, vocal training and movement, acting 101 and acting in front of a camera.  

Founder and Manager: actor/director Jonathan Schwartz.

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