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Plays Supported by the Foundation

"I Will Be an Opera Singer"

Haifa City Center Theater - Amitai Team—Yigal Amitai, Tamara Amitai and Danny Amitai—produced an original opera for the whole family called I Want to Be an Opera Singer, and in the new version I Will Be an Opera Singer.  Haifa Arts Foundation supported the production of the show, which was also presented at the Haifa International Children's Theater Festival in 2008.

Production: Haifa City Center Theater - Haifa Fringe

Idea and Libretto: Tamara Amitai
Music: Maxim Levy
Directed by: Yigal Amitai
Singers: Danny Amitai, Orit Gabriel
Piano: Passy Cassel

Photographer: Ilya Gersberg

The story of Ben (bass baritone), a boy who dreams of becoming an opera singer, to the chagrin of his father (baritone) and mother (mezzo-soprano or alto), who would rather he was a doctor, a lawyer or an engineer, and are concerned about "what the neighbors will say" when they hear their son practice. Despite the parents' opposition and the bullying of his little sister Maya (soprano), Ben continues to fight for the fulfillment of his dream until ... the happy end. The show not only teaches how to watch an opera, but also tells the story of many good people, young and old, who had to struggle hard to find their way in life, especially if it did not conform to the conventions of society.

The show is for ages 4 and up, highly suitable for viewing by parents, grandparents and children. It is intended for those who wish to get themselves and their children acquainted with the art of the opera, and are afraid of onerousness, exaggerated length, and an archaic and absurd story that does not speak to the heart of a modern day Israeli. The show does this through a contemporary story that is easy to identify with, presented in contemporary Hebrew, to the fluent and catchy music of Maxim Levi, which presents all the elements of classical Italian opera in an easy and accessible way.

The project gave the general public access to the magical world of the opera, children and adults alike, even those who were not exposed or were even averse to opera.

Length: 45 minutes.  


2017 Beit HaGefen Theater.

2011 Safed Class Music Festival, Rosh Pina.

2008 Haifa Children's Theater Festival.

2007 Original Theater Festival at Karov Theater, Tel Aviv. 


vladimir visiozky1"Vladimir Vysotsky Speaks Hebrew" 

An acoustic performance with songs from Vladimir Vysotsky's series of satirical songs.

(Including the publication of a bilingual Hebrew/Russian book + CD)

Hebrew version: Tamara Amitai.

Literal translation, editing and direction: Yigal Amitai.

Performance: Yigal and Danny Amitai.

Photographer: Ilya Gersberg

An interview on the Educational Television at the following link:



The Scapegoat Song:




A poem written by Vysotsky to his third wife, the French movie star, daughter of Russian immigrants, Marina Vladi. Originally called The Lyrical Song.

Danny Amitai Live at Tarbuta, Yokneam, 30/3/2013.

Black Eyes




Hidden Secret


In Front of the Microphone

Beat club in Haifa - 29/3/2017. Photo: Yossi Shtibel



Tzavta Theater, the Haifa Municipal Theater, the Studio Theater and various venues around the country between 2014 and 2016.

The renewed international festival celebrating the work of the legendary protest poet in the city of Koszalin in northern Poland, winner of the esteem award. 


esh li haver0"I Have a Friend"

Cast: Danny Amitai, Yigal Amitai

Music: Maxim Levy

Photographer: Ilya Gersberg

An adult legend about the physical and emotional exploitation of the common man by the strong man.

Tamara Amitai, the playwright, dares to sharpen and exacerbate Oscar Wilde's piercing and uncompromising gaze upon human nature, beyond the masks, even though this is only "nonsense that has no foundation in reality," as stated in the introduction and epilogue.

Danny portrays Hans, the poor gardener, who is happy with his lot and who believes wholeheartedly in the goodness of Man. One day, the rich miller, one of the city's dignitaries, visits his garden and offers his friendship...

The play combines the poetic text, the mischievous style reminiscent of a silent film, and the enchanting scenery and music, with issues relating to each one of us: the desire to belong and be desirable, beneficial and loved to the point of losing our personality and independence. The play can also be seen as a story of coming of age, while warning against the dangers lurking at the entrance to the game of life, which nowadays begins at a very early age...


vladimir visiozky2

 esh li haver


2004-2006 Haifa Municipal Theater

2004 The International Festival of Theater in Sassari, Sardinia, Italy. (Translated to Italian.)

Won a commendation from the audience as the most significant play performance at the Women Wage Peace Festival.


EMIL halbashim0"Emil and the Detectives"

Written by: Tamara Amitai
Directed by Yigal Amitai
Players: Yuval Shlomovitz, Danny Amitai, Yigal Amitai, Yonatan Schwartz.

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Photographer: Ilya Gersberg

2003 received a commendation as a quality play by Galei Zahal.

2004 performed at the Haifa Children's Theater Festival.




golda 3 dubim0"Golda and the Three Bears"

A piercing Israeli satire by Tamara Amitai

Production: Haifa City Center Theater - Haifa Fringe

Written by: Tamara Amitai

Directed by: Yigal Amitai

Music: Daniel Kruglov

Actors: Dafna Tadmor, Shlomit Bachar, Yigal Amitai, Danny Amitai

Photographer: Ilya Gersberg




golda 3 dubim

The Ben Dov family - Dov, Duba and Dubi - is an average Israeli family that lives the routine of the suffocating situation in one of Israel's neighborhoods. Mom, Duba, found the light at the neighborhood's Values I​institute, and looks for salvation through words of prayer and with the rabbi. Father Dov, an Israeli patriot with pretensions of being the ultimate man, believes with all his might in the power or arms. Dubi, their 18-years-old son, dreams of a different life.

Golda, a charming young American tourist, arrives in Israel in search of the realization of her Zionist and private dreams and bursts into the house of the Three Bears like a breath of fresh air. The three, headed by Dubi, fall in love with her immediately, and she reciprocates. A fine future suddenly appears on the horizon of the expanded and fortified Dov family, thanks to this ingathering of the exiles, but the events whose echoes penetrate the home via a neighborhood PA system, do not allow the construction of the family nest and its foundation, and erect walls of alienation between people.

After failed attempts to find solutions in the reservoirs of myths, beliefs, views and fantasies, the four find out they have not advanced beyond the starting point. Golda returns to America, and the three Bears dive into hibernation... was it real or was it just a dream?


2010 Beit HaGefen Theater

2009 Beit HaGefen Theater

2002 Haifa Museum of Art